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Default Capriati accused of stalking, sells condo for big loss to avoid police charges

It’s love, set and no match for ex-tennis star Jennifer Capriati!

The perennially troubled Capriati sold her fancy Singer Island condo at a steep loss and returned to her native Tampa area — after a former Florida State University golf star accused her of stalking him, Gossip Extra has learned.
The Resort at Singer Island

Jennifer Capriati just sold her crib at The Resort at Singer Island (Special to Gossip Extra)

The 36-year-old long-ago World No. 1 tennis player lost a whopping $600,000 on the sale of the 19th floor apartment with sweeping views of the coast, according to public records.

Capriati, who was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in July, bought the 2,800-square-foot condo at The Resort at Singer Island in 2007 for $1.67 million.

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She sold the condo, where she suffered a near fatal overdose of prescription meds in 2010, for $1.08 million!

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The deed shows Capriati now lives in Wesley Chapel near Tampa.

It was high time for her to hightail it outtahere: Records also show Capriati was the target of 10 — I counted — police complaints from an ex-boyfriend.

And that’s just for 2012!

Gate Crashing

The ex-boyfriend was identified as Ivan Brannan, 28, a former FSU golfer.

In August, Capriati allegedly sped through the guard gate of Brennan’s Singer Island condo building in her Porsche Cayenne after the guard refused to let her in.

She alleged blocked Brannan from leaving his car but left when he called police. Riviera cops caught up to her later and ordered her to stay off the property.

Brannan also accused Capriati of calling his work place, PGA Marina, over 100 times in a single day and questioning his co-workers about him.

None of the incidents led to an arrest.


Brannan’s injunction to force Capriati to stay away from him was denied after the former tennis star sold her condo and left town.

Neither Brannan nor Capriati returned calls.

Capriati turned pro at 13 in 1990. Despite some big wins, Capriati never achieved her true potential. She was plagued by injuries and arrests for shoplifting and possession of marijuana in 1994.

Capriati denies stalking ex-boyfriend

Matt Cronin

Jennifer Capriati denies that she has been stalking her ex-boyfriend, former Florida State golfer Ivan Brannan. According to the South Florida publication Gossip Extra, Brannan claimed in court records that the former No. 1 called him “hundreds” of times at work and also attempted to crash the gate of his apartment complex.

Brannan filed 10 police complaints filed against Capriati this year, but she alleges that the police did not make any of the attempts at restraining orders official.

“He’s a real bad person, very dishonest,” Capriati told Gossip Extra. “One day I’m his girlfriend, the next we’re engaged and then it’s like I never existed. It took him eight months of our relationship to admit to me he had a child. Imagine that… I was just trying to talk to him because he wasn’t returning my calls. There’s no way police should’ve been called. I can’t believe I even have to discuss this! People like me are always the targets of men like him.”
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