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Originally Posted by Mikeplaystenniss View Post
In the past I posted a video on here asking for some advice. I had been taking lessons and working hard, since. I also mentioned it is my future goal to play college tennis at D3 or D2 school. Well, that goal has been becoming a reality as a few schools have accepted me now.
The video is hard to see because I took it all off of my iPhone 4S...I'll work on getting better ones, I guess.
Comments, tips, instructions, advice, compliments all accepted and encouraged. Thanks.
If you can, please make some videos from the behind yourself perspective, as I think it is the most enjoyable and informative to watch. Then we can see the trajectory of your shots and where they land in the far court, and can have a better idea of their effectiveness.

From the vids you provided so far your strokes look good, clean, but not on a par with what I've seen of professional players. Just my current opinion, and anyway I'm not qualified to judge or comment. But I did enjoy the vids and hope you will post some more from a better perspective.
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