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Originally Posted by MarrratSafin View Post
One person looked for a good deal, another gave a good deal. One person asked for a good deal, another agreed to give a good deal. Take it easy.. happens all the time not just with racquets but other stuff too.
+1 Amen to that, brother.

Is it not reasonable that the seller, unlike most of us who trawl this sub-forum, simply didn't care about the intrinsic or relative worth of the rackets? Heck, on my thrift shop binges I often pick up items of negligible worth or interest to me that I am willing to offload online cheap to hipsters on those arty sites like Etsy or whatever. I could care less about fetching a Sotheby's record price for a tatty print that may or may not be a Picasso that I found next to those three gleaming PS85 SV's in 9/10 condition.

By FF's reckoning I am a fool and deserving of the same scorn and vitriol as that reserved for his beloved scammers. At the end of the day, I am unwilling to invest any great emotional energy in realising the highest possible return on a trinket I have no concern for. I would rather devote my energies to maximising the return on the things I am more certain about. Thrift shopping and flipping exists in a Karmic Universe; it's swings and roundabouts. You win some, you lose some. Do good, you get rewarded down the track somehow, like when I donated some gear and found a Hi-Ten 30 and 50 the next day.

Embittered and vengeful misanthropy is a stench that sometimes pervades this forum.
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