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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
Pretty good use of your body and good arm (pronation) movement.

You have some good advice above already. But adding in the greater shoulder rotation will take a long time to get the timing down.

What I would recommend you working on first is the following:...


But as you can see from the above sequence where Pete ends up with his back facing the court that this needs to start during the ball toss, and I think for most this harder to add in than the above, even though it should eventually be your goal.
Thank you for a very intensive and valuable post. It makes sense, especially the shoulder part and not dropping the left arm too quick. On the legs part, I may have trouble physically with my bad knee....any tips on protecting my legs better? With the use of my legs and stomach muscles, i have learnt to protect my back. But now it seems, i did not protect my legs enough.

The pronation pic you posted, is quite valuable for someone I am trying to teach how to serve. I would expect however, a more stretched out wrist? Am i wrong? Or is it possibly different how woman do it these days?

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