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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
I have both the 25th anniversary and the regular IG Prestige MP. I put them both on a RDC came out to be the same flex at 62RA on that machine.
With which grommets on the rqts since I know you posted saying you we're swapping clear to black on the red version. Although I appreciate that the grommets shouldn't affect flex, only feel.

Originally Posted by Ten_nuts View Post
Uk_skippy said that the 25th is a TAD STIFFER than the IG P98, right? Sorry my friend but i don't think so. If the stiffness of the IG P98 is 62, i can strongly say that the stiffness of the 25th is just around 63.
Is not 1 a tad? To me a tad is marginal, fractional or so. I know it's a different rqt but I felt that the 25th ed is stiffer than my red ones but not as stiff as the yet prestige mp, which iirc is 63(?). So, I'd agree with your perception.

I also need to check the data tha someone else has checked both rqts in stock form on an RDC and come up with different readings.

Either way, the 2 rqts feel slightly different to me, and the only difference between the 2 are the grommets.


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