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On the other hand, maybe this is all more about terms again. For me, looking to
attack their body or Bh if I get the right ball,
is not the same as making the decision in advance.
I try and decide beforehand where I will return if the serve is easy.....and if the serve is difficult, I fall back on my backup plan.

For example:
Plan A: attack/down the line/ball to volleyer feet/double backhand topspin/etc
Plan B: defend/crosscourt/lob/loop/block return backhand/etc

if the serve is easy, i return with either a plan A or B, depending on my comfort in the return. If the serve is too difficult, i return with a plan B (defence/persentage orientated)...Generally my plan A, is attack orientated.

Either way, i try and decide what my main return would be, or what my "backup" return will be....

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