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Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
... The only thing he said I could do for sure on my left leg was use a Knee CPM machine to keep it moving some. Other than that he said all weight off of it for 6 weeks...
Will you be seeing a physical therapist that will get you access to CPM device for your knee? If you do see a PT, you might ask about a professional (prescription) EMS device for working your quads -- this can be used to prevent atrophy as well as for some actual muscle development. Not sure if you could also use an EMS device for your hamstrings -- it might cause some involuntary actions of the knee. You might ask about that as well.

You might be able to perform some seated exercises to work your shin and calf muscles. You might be able to perform a number of repetitions of these with light resistance or no resistance at all -- just flex and extent the foot thru a full range of motion (repeatedly).

Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
... You might want to buy (or see if you can gain access to) a neuromuscular electrical stimulator (aka electromyostimulator). These types of devices apply small electrical impulses to the muscles via electrodes. This category of devices includes EMS, TENS and MENS. An EMS device is probably the most applicable of these for your needs. This can possibly be used on your quads (and maybe for your hamstrings) to prevent atrophy and might even be useful for strength training in those muscle groups. I believe that Bruce Lee may have used something like back in the day (circa 1970) to promote muscle strength and definition (and/or he may have used it for rehab for a serious injury).
Has anyone here used a professional EMS device with a PT?

How about an OTC EMS device? I believe that some of the ab toning belts out there may not be as effective as the manufacturers would have you believe. I'm wondering if anyone has used an OTC device that produced some real toning or muscle-building results.

I am aware that some TENS and EMS devices can produce some currents (patterns) that are rather uncomfortable. I have seen some claims that devices that use compensated biphasic square currents are much more comfortable/bearable. Any intelligent feedback would be appreciated.
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