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Some of you are sort of missing my point.

To illustrate my point, let's say your mother is a naive, trusting old woman (and you are in a coma so there is no one to advise her.)

And let's say your late father collected vintage cars and had a rare, mint, old car that was worth a small fortune. Your mother has no idea of the car's true worth, to her it is simply an old car. She puts an ad in the paper selling the car for $500 (a fraction of its market value) to help pay your mounting hospital bills. Some flipper guy jumps on it, offers her $400 which she accepts, never mentions to grandma that the car is worth many multiples of what she is asking and eventually sells the car to a collector for $500K. While legal, this process isn't exactly going to win flipper the Citizen of the Year Award.

I think someone took advantage of the seller especially the way this deal evolved. The buyer, who undoubtedly knew what the rackets were worth, could have at least offered her a fair price somewhere in the neighborhood of what the rackets market worth since it was quite obvious she was completely clueless. (If someone else concludes otherwise, so be it. We agree to disagree.) And again, the seller, probably an older woman who sells some things on the auction site to help her scrape by, is at fault for not having any idea of the value of what she was selling. She unwittingly gifted the flipper $300 to $400, maybe somewhat more. I am all for capitalism. However, I have a conscience, too. Some people don't have that problem. A fair deal is just that not taking advantage of some clueless woman's ignorance. Merry Christmas.

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