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SPPP is known to break easily on miss hits and one of my hitting partners said he had it brake while stringing. As far as stringing poly at 65 lbs. that is not a big deal.

How many of the critics of this high tension have ever tried it? Depending on the racket and poly stringing that high is fine, you will have to change more often but it plays good.

I am using genesis black magic 17 gauge at 70 lbs. right now and it plays very good and has a great feel to it, poly at high tensions does not board out as bad as multis or syn. gut does.

My hitting partner uses lux bb ace at 70 lbs. in a blx 90 and it actually has a soft feel to it. I know most will question this and say it is crazy, but of coarse all these critics have never actually tried it but somehow know more about high tension than us players that use it.
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