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Default TW Playtesters - Doubles Racquet Advice Please...

After a recent surgery* I was told that I should probably only play doubles in the future. Stunning news to a guy who has always preferred singles, tried to stay as far away from doubles as possible, and who used to beat opponents by running everything down and waiting for my opponent to make a mistake.

In the past I've typically chosen lower powered and somewhat heavier racquets knowing that I was going to spend a majority of my time on the baseline and use control to beat my opponents. Now that I will be strictly a doubles player my needs have changed.

So I would be very appreciative for any help you can give.

I'm looking for a racquet that is a standout in doubles, is 97 to 103 square inches, 27 inches long, weight between 10.8 and 11.5 ounces, no more than 23mm wide, offers a good amount of spin, and useful power.

What racquet(s) have you found that have these specs and really excell in doubles?

When I return to the game I'll hopefully be a 4.0 who uses a great deal of spin off both sides, strength is backhand, weakness is first serve, and will strictly play doubles.

Thank you for your time.


*I had microfracture surgery yesterday to repair torn/missing cartilage that turned out to be more extensive than the doctor first thought. Going into it he said I should be able to run again in 4.5 months and be playing singles in 6.5 months. After removing 5 pieces of cartilage during surgery he told me that I would probably not be able to run long distances again and that I should give up singles tennis and only play doubles.
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