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Originally Posted by schmke View Post
Given they played the majority of their matches together, the key factor here would be where they started the year. The 9-1 guy must have been lower rated than the 9-3 guy, so when they won, because the algorithm effectively keeps the difference between their ratings the same, the 9-3 got "pushed" higher and would always be higher rated.

Additionally, the losses may have been to really good players, or the 9-3 guys partner may have been lower rated so they were expected to lose and the losses didn't really hurt is rating.
They were both new to USTA this year and playing in their rating levels. The 9-1 guy is a much stronger player, which is another reason this is surprising. He also did a designated tourney playing up a level, and went 2-1. For the other guy i guess the 2 extra losses somehow were enough to give him a slight edge in his dynamic rating.
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