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Date a 28 year old guy who shockingly behaves just like a 28 year old guy. Who could have seen that coming?

Maybe she should try dating grown ups? Might be a better match since she is 36.

And what was this guy thinking getting involved with someone with her background?

I don't see any correlation between the condo sale and the restraining orders. One has nothing to do with the other. Unfortunately for her, she bought at the peak.

If she really called him at work 100 times, maybe he could have just taken her call once, let her have her say, and tell her that if she called him again, there will be consequences, restraining orders, etc.

Who knows what the truth is but she sounds a little nuts and given her history, there may be some drug involvement as well. Another tennis prodigy story that doesn't end so well? She seems like a mess.

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