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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Korda's strokes by a mile.
Easy to emulate, very efficient for the amount of energy expended, just powerful enough with some consisentcy, and pleasing to look at.
Doesnt count unless you do scissor kicks as well.

Serve wise i just tried to blast them as hard as I could then they started going in. never really emulated anyones form. It was the same for strokes as well. I never really looked at form and stuff just tried to hit it really hard with spin. Taught myself a decent FH, but enver figured the BH out. Always tried 2HBH becuase Courier seemed like a baseball player who happened to switch to tennis and i was a baseball player.

Now baseball wise I emulated a couple guys. First it was Jose Canseco, then Mo Vaughn, and finally I had a little Bagwell in my swing. But by the time you get around 16-18 you sort of develop your own style. I think that's true in anything.
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