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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
Date a 28 year old guy who shockingly behaves just like a 28 year old guy. Who could have seen that coming?

Since it's now 'all the rage' to date a young guy, started by our own Demi Moore, dating someone older - even by a few years, is, especially where I live, considered "creepy".

So we have all these women, throwing themselves at boys, and are stunned to find he's just having fun, when these women truly believe they'll find 'forever' with someone 10-15, 20, years younger. Hey; Have fun, but when you're throwing your life away?

I have a client in her late 40's. Her son is 15. He gets asked out ALL the time, even walking home from school, by women in their 40's and 50's - and often right in front of his mom (she gets really bent when that happens).

I hear of stuff like this all the time where I live. Everywhere I go, the guy is almost always younger, the personal ads are all "I only date younger men..."

Just the way it is, now.
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