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Default FS/FT - Two rackets (Pro Kennex Q5 315g and IG Instinct S)

Selling to rackets, both used lightly but in outstanding condition. Easily 9.5/10. Interested in sale or trades to UK or EU.
  1. Head IG Instinct S with leather grip - purchased to try out the TW Blog (Chris Edwards) tailweighting experiment but never got round to it. It is grip 4 including a premium leather grip (babolat), overgrip, restring with Biphase X-One strings, easily 9.5/10 condition, used for 1 set. No marks or scrapes. 113 spent including strings and leather.

  2. Pro Kennex 2012 Ki Q5 315g - new 2012 black model. Grip 4. Used for one set only. No marks or scrapes, just ball fuzz on the strings. Cost me 120.

Looking for:

Head IG Instinct S with Leather Grip - 70 in UK, 85 in EU (inc. shipping)
Pro Kennex Q5 - 80 in UK, 95 in EU (inc. shipping).

Trades considered:

i.radical OS
Head IG Prestige Midplus and S (not Pro)
PK Redondo
PK QTour 295g (not 325)
Nearly there...

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