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My daughter is soon to be 11. She is working really hard but still does not have the RAGE TO MASTER. I keep telling myself that it will happen soon and she will become obsessed with tennis. Im starting to think that the Rage To Master is not going to ever happen with her. I see some of her tennis friends that you have to drag off the court. I know i should not do social comparisons but its only human nature. So many people tell me that the rage to master comes later with some kids i just wish i knew when. My daughter is very well rounded she loves school and plays soccer as well as basketball. I am coming to the conclusion that maybe MY DREAM of her playing pro tennis might not be her dream. She is SOOOOOO talented and an amazing athlete and tells me she wants to be a pro but i just dont see the love for it.Im starting to think she says she wants to be a pro because she knows thats what i wanna hear. Im still hoping that she gets the Rage but if not im fine with her playing college tennis or doing whatever makes her happy. I just wish i could do something to turn on the rage but i think that its gonna have to come from within. If she gets the rage to master within the next two years imma be sitting courtside at Ashe in a few years watching her crush forehands!
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