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gatennis- I use to be an outstanding long distance running and I have a son who is absolutely fanastic. He is so naturally gifted. The problem is he says he wants to be an elite level runner, but doesn't have the drive to do what is necessary. I really really want him to be an elite level runner at 13 he has national level times in the mile and 5k for his age group. However, I have realized that if he truly wants to excel the drive and passion has to come from within himself. I no longer push him or remind him of things he needs to do. He needs to take ownership of his sport or it never is going to happen. I really hope that your daughter gets that rage to master

I have to girls 8 and 12 who play tennis at a pretty good level. They are very passionate about learning. I love this board because I have learned so much useful information and gained such great insight. I'm going to let there desire take their game whatever that may be.

Hang in there. That beast within may or may never awaken for tennis, I sure hope it does for her and my children, but if it doesn't the memories I make running with my son and teaching the girls tennis our priceless and wouldn't have wanted to miss that time for anything in this world.
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