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Sadly, I have to agree with these comments, at least for the most part. I took my 2-year old daughter to the Cincinnati open semi-finals and she wanted to leave the stadium less than five minutes after the match started. The really sad part was that people seated next to us frowned and contorted their faces upon seeing us with a 2-year old even as we walked into the stadium fifteen minutes before the match started.

My daughter liked the crowd and the setting but did not like the silence when the match started. She did have a blast though running around on the grounds and food court area as I watched the match on the giant TV screen outside the stadium.

Also, FYI, Cincinnati tournament requires a ticket purchase for anyone over the age of 12 months!!

Originally Posted by Mauvaise View Post
I've got to quote this for truth. Your daughter is going to get nothing from this experience and it's highly likely to be a negative experience for everyone else: both parents, other fans, and the players if she has a tantrum at the wrong time.
Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
This is a very, very bad idea.
Clearly you already recognize the danger of leaving a two year old in the hot sun for such an extended period.
A two year old isn't going to be able to walk the grounds as an adult. Distances too great, especially in that sun. That means having a stroller to manage.
And the poor fans sitting near you...a two year old doesn't understand the need to remain quiet.
Don't subject yourself, your child, your fellow fans, and the players to this.
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