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Originally Posted by ricki View Post
If you loose confidence after one crack, move to other brand. imo racquets crack after bad stringing when stringer doesnt string mains from center evenly to sides and crosses from top to bottom.
I read many contradictory advices re: where to string crosses from - top or bottom?

As an example, official Wilson's stringing instructions for my racquet differ for one-pice strining vs two-piece stringing job:

Wilson BLX Pro Open

String Pattern
16 Mains x 19 Crosses
String Length
One 35' (10.7 m) length (ss: 9'5") or 19' (5.8 m) mains
and 16' (4.9 m) crosses. Start mains at throat.
Mains skip 8T and 8H. Tie off mains at 6T.
If one-piece stringing: Start Xs at bottom at 8T. Tie off Xs at 5H.
If two-piece stringing: Start Xs at top at 8H. Tie off Xs at 5H & 11T.
Recommended String Tension

I believe your concerns are valid mostly in case of extreme tensions, closer to the higher end of recommended range, or even exceeding it?
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