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Originally Posted by Mitch Bridge View Post
As levels advance, players need to play deeper. Just back up a foot or two behind the baseline and keep the ball out in front. This will make him handle the ball more easily and allow him time to improve on this skill.

A great drill for you to volley and have him hit groundstrokes and work on his positioning as well as his feel to hit on the rise. I prefer half court down the line with alleys being in play to shrink the coverage area.
Hi Mitch,

Thanks for always posting. Your technical advice is great.

Just curious, in your opinion, where should the older boys, 16's -18's, be in regards to the baseline.

I have been watching a couple of PD kids, and they seem to be many feet behind the baseline.
I am assuming that is the direction from the Spanish coach.

Wondering what you think?
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