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Originally Posted by Tennishacker View Post
How can you be so clueless.

Walking back to the fence after every point is taught to disrupt your opponent.

Its sad that kids are taught to use unsportsmanship tactics to win matches.
I think that need to be more realistic if you want your child to be successful in tennis.

It is called "momentum control" and has been written about in many tennis books. It is taught by every coach at every level of the sport. When the match starts going badly it is critical to slow things down and regroup.

My daughter learned this lesson as every USTA kid does. It only takes a couple of times of getting steamrolled while you keep rushing up to the baseline for the next point. Even though she doesn't like being stalled when she is on a roll she has learned to not let it bother her. She also now will go to the back fence to regroup if she is having problems.
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