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Originally Posted by jaggy View Post
Hahaha ND (South Bend, Indiana) soccer #1 seeds lost to Indiana (Bloomingtonm Indiana) in the sweet 16. Well someone must care? right?
LOL Jaggy. : )
Yes, I counted FIVE people who cared. (see pix below).

At the ND-SC FOOTBALL game, I counted FIVE as well...give or take 92,000. ND-SC football was "standing room only." ND-IN soccer was "standing around only"....hell even the soccer tix scalpers (Biff & Skippy) working the local Starbucks were complaining ...

"Guys!!...enough of this...let's get back to campus in time for the Indiana 'SOCCER' game!!!!"

South Bend Tribune, Nov. 26, 2012:
"Now that the on-campus buzz over a coveted BCS appearance versus a vaunted (and most likely favored) SEC conference champion has died down, all attention was then drawn to the compelling ND-Indiana soccer match. Before a standing-around-only crowd (with the occassional car horn honking in the distance), the Hoosiers..."

Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Thank god Oregon isn't in contention to play in the national championship, their offense would f*ck Notre Dame.
Insightful ... that all you got?
Stay classy.

Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
The same Oregon that lost to Stanford, who lost to ..... Notre Dame. And Oregon always chokes in the big one, why would this year be any different? Oh wait, it wasn't.

I just don't get why everyone's thumbing their nose at Notre Dame.
In the "College Football 2012" thread, you'll get some legit reasons for the thumb-nosing (i.e. reasons extending from years back). This EXPIRED, NOW IRRELEVANT-FOR-2012 thread title pretty much says it all...should be retitled "LMAO@USC" or more to the point, "Butt Hurt Central" (smirk)

Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
ND has played a tough enough schedule that undefeated earns them the NC game. I dont see how anyone can complain about that.

Yes they barely beat beat Pitt. But point is they won the game. Bama didnt win when they did not have thier A-game. Neither did any other team besides Ohio State. When the season began Notre Dame had as tough as a schedule as anyone. And I think it still holds up. They have more than earned the right to lose to the SEC in the title game.
I would agree--I see 'Bama winning the title.

Further (my "'Bama like" aside), I think 'Bama on its AA+ night is capable of blowing anyone out who's left in the mix with the possible exception of an improved (esp. at QB) LSU team. Overall, the SEC (esp. their defenses) are just a cut above the rest of the pack.
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