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I had my Juice 100 strung with Bab Pro Hurricane in the mid 50s, (the stringer used the blue version so it matched the frame, quite cool but also quite ******y); it played pretty well - lots of spin and still powerful even at a slightly higher tension, maybe too much but I actually think that's because this frame perhaps has too much pop for my game. I do enjoy the noticeably easier production of spin and power though compared to my usual Bab Aero Storms. With this setup I have noticed my kick serve kicking much higher and had the satisfaction of seeing several opponents struggle to deal with this, my volleying is also much crisper and positive.

Those strings broke on Sunday typically just as I was starting to get dialled in play some of my best tennis with it. Anyway, I'm having it restrung with more Pro Hurricane at a slightly higher tension to see if I get can get more control. Would like to try some Alu Power in it soon though.
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