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Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
By the time it CRIES!--it's TOO LATE!--to take it out-- Serena has f-f'ed and is half way up the stands, in a roid-rage, yelling "WHO's RUG RAT WAS THAT?"--"I'VE GOT A BALL FOR THAT RUG RAT TO PLAY WITH!"

Highly unlikely, taking a baby, half way around the world to bond at a GS, will keep a marriage together--more likely help to end it like the majority of marriages do today--my brother and ex-took their babes everywhere for years, hanging them in hammocks in the bulkhead aisle--and they're divorced today--but they weren't tennis players.

Living in a society has it's RESPONSIBILITIES as well as its rights. One of those is NOT the right to disturb professional players's fine finely tuned sensibilities, playing for their lives and mortgages, and, 25,000 people who paid good money to watch an event and not to hear a baby crying.
It is very simple. Do not allow children.

Is that the rule? No.

That is all.

It is not a matter of rights and responsibilities, so no need for the usual moral lecture. There is no constitutional right to attend a sporting event or to do so without distractions. There is no constitutional right to play tennis undisturbed.

Why don't you petition the organizers not to allow children? If they agree, fine. If they don't, live with it. Why do you think they don't? Because there will be an outcry from parents.
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