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Originally Posted by Charlzz View Post
If we agree that Federer would beat Agassi (and it's true Agassi played him close from time to time), and Djokovic can beat Federer by essentially being a human backboard, I don't see that Agassi would have a chance against Djokovic.

Sampras used to say one problem with Agassi was his footspeed. He just didn't run that fast. Agassi used to try to rip a forehand to Sampras's forehand. Sampras would then hit a reverse forehand and it would come back with angle and pace. Djokovic can do that more easily than Sampras.
That's like saying Federer can beat Nadal
Federer can beat Djokovic who can beat Nadal.

Edit- Also, I think you're underestimating Sampras a little too much.

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