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Originally Posted by ClairHarmony View Post
Jenny Capricoti, passion a little too frothy-Ruthie sometimes...feels like my sister come-to-life, sometimes...I hope she finds what she found, in due-time...someone, like a little more responsible than, passionate, but stable like a rock, for u, not judging, but only looking for u to electrify, your being & be that stand-out thespian to combat his inner-boring.

Eternally, that 2o what she needs to find, to leave those flashback to tremoring far-behind days, in the breezeway...not worth it. A little Latin blond hultry like JLo & Britney can get away with...but the rest who is ESFP woman, can be a little easy to take advantage of in this regard. Don't go allow yourself to go down feeling like Lemon Pine Sol, that broad in a jail cell...just because., daybreak...recurring electricity men will leave u feeling washed up like a fish named broad, examine their motives *for real,* in the early stages, before going find yourself some a little violin, raunchy fun, but for real.

Someone boring (can be handsome), but who makes you feel like a Porsche inside; without question, will do all the pushing, and when will, you're gliding (could be on a unicorn, without trying...

Passion, it ain't no crime. Boring men sometimes where parenthesis around their eyes. Be their antacedent, & watch the moon glow.

$igns ain't inherently bad, but snakes iz, like, u know? Of course u do, but being that life is always a struggle; you must be in good company. I wouldn't fret, if you can find love in a boring handsome man, who'd really value u from the start, to the end, "Ruby Red," Jenny Capricoti; well, I tried to make her happy & I look a little like Berry Bonds & Alf Martin, kinda-hybrid. Hmm...I have to study now, but it feels like it's harder than it should. I hope I'm wrong, and it's right. Gotta go to the bathroom now, and study. Try.

There I feel better, a veteran.
WHOA, sweet post.
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