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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
I haven't played with the PB's but I played DNX mps, and currently have a Becker Melbourne in my bag,and while they are nice sticks they are relatively flexible and low powered. The problem your mum will run into is going to be endurance, so if she can hit well with a low powered players racquet how long will she be able to play with it? and how will it effect shots when shes out of position etc. I've found from personal experience that as you age giving yourself a little edge with more power and lighter racquets really can improve your game the fun you have playing. Just one example would be reaction volleys, after a set or so you will be too slow with the heavier racquet but a lighter one you'll have a much better chance with.
mmm interesting thoughts thanks, i take your point perhaps even these middle weight rackets might be a but much for her?

as I am sure you can imagine she has well developed full strokes but very old school and her movement is not great, perhaps she does need a good tweener!?

can't resist a bit of name dropping and small claim to fame; she used to date Nastase for a while said he was completely mad but that was the attraction apparently I was quite close to being Nastase's son

any recommendations?
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