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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
The top SEC teams are just deeper in pure atheletes than any other conference. Just check the maps of blue chip recruits. The south east almost has a lock on the blue chippers.

If these maps dont break it down I dont what does.

Nice graphics, Hollywood. I mentioned the same thing in the college football thread yesterday. These maps are the very reason the ACC has no excuse for doing so poorly. These are wealthy schools with the resources to compete. ACCer's will always pull the tougher academics argument but why can Stanford and ND do so well? The Big 10 commish even mentioned changing demographics for the MD and Rutgers grab...he knows what's up for the future. Bball schools aside (UNC, Duke, Wake), Va Tech, NC St, Clemson and FSU should always be competing for the top 15-20 spots.
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