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^ Note that the quality/quality control of the Penn Champs is somewhat substandard compared to the premium/professional balls. I have noticed this for more than 5 years now. The XD version is one of the most popular balls in our part of the planet -- due to cost and the softer feel of these balls. However I have noticed that nearly every can, if not every can, of Penn Champs contains one substandard ball. I believe that this is intentional on the part of Penn.

Sometimes, the odd ball is cosmetically flawed (crooked or offset label, excess glue or rubber at the seams, etc). This is not too objectionable at all. OTOH the odd ball, instead, very often has a bounce that is noticeably lower than the other two balls in the can. Check this out for yourself with your next new can.

Also, Penn Champs noticeably lose pressure/bounce height by the 2nd set of a match. By the 3rd set. the bounce is quite a bit lower. I have not seen this with Dunlop or Prince Champs or any of the premium/pro balls.

Wilson USO XD balls due tend to fluff up quite a bit in the 2nd or 3rd set of a match -- it depends on the type of shots that the ball experiences. Players who hit a lot of low, flat or underpin balls that skid fluff the USO XD ball rather quickly.

What is your objection to the Grand Prix ball? The only ball that is brighter than this ball is the Slaz Wimbledon ball. It also had an excellent, consistent bounce and is longer lasting than most other pressurized balls. I have not had the chance to use the PP Marathon ball for comparison. Of the balls that I have used, only the Prince Tour ball appears to last longer. Some have reported that this Prince ball lasts longer than the Marathon ball.
I'm with you and LeeD. I've yet to find a better ball than GPs or Wimbledons. Some people prefer USOs because they're slower and softer, but the Dunlops and Wimbys are the most consistent throughout their life.
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