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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
The bold part is perfectly stated, that's exactly how I see it.

Not a lawyer, no. I just like arguing. Which is sometimes good, sometimes, well, shall we say, less useful...

I do remember Rosewall said that in 1970, don't have the exact quote.

The thing about asking Rosewall personally about these things is that, well, there are many things, but one problem is that our exact arguments and their context are not easy to transmit to someone who is not a part of them.

Another thing is that even if an answer is given, some people will misunderstand or misuse the information.

Heck of course I'm not saying whether or not to ask, just that I understand your caution about it. Perfectly sensible.
krosero, Yes, your kind of arguing (and maybe mine too) is not always welcome. Some people don't like an arguing with strong logic and consequence. Between consequence and inconsequence I prefer to be consequent in my arguing. As one can see also in this forum, I sometimes have some difficulties with a few posters (for the moment just with one poster...).

Yes, many great players don't have kept records of their career and don't have researched their results as meticulously as historians use to do.

Yes, some people misunderstand the remarks of all-time greats, f.i. Laver's and Rosewall's rankings which obviously refer to peak level but not to achievements.
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