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Originally Posted by richsox View Post
Could anyone please comment as to what effect that placing up to 4 grams in the "throat" area would have?

I am trying to get more plow through on my PD 2012. I've messed around with so many attempts at leading in different spots, that I've been frustrated and returned to stock. I just find all the variations confusing, and it does mess with my head when I'm playing.

I'm thinking adding lead to the throat would seem to keep the balance point the same-ish, yet provide the plow through. i did try this to some extent, and felt some success but only with 2 grams, and then I figured that teh 2 grams made little more difference than psychological.

4 grams at the throat will mostly just make the racquet feel heavier, since it's so close to the balance point. If you want to feel more plow through, I would suggest adding weight in the head....either at 12, 3/9 or 10/2. When I had the PD12, I liked it with (2) 4" strips at 12'. You just have to experiment, like Tim says, but in general terms, you will gain plowthru more by adding weight in the hoop...not the handle.
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