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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
So I come back from a vacation to find out that Chelsea have sacked Di Mateo and replaced him with Rafael Benitez?

What the hell? Who makes such decisions? Surely Roman isn't THAT stupid.
I don't think it's that he is stupid, he clearly is not but it appears he wants to be entertained and seems to want a say in what/how or who plays each week.Maybe not as bad as the guy who is in control at Hearts but rumours seem to be increasing.A friend of mine is a CFC and was excited when all the money first arrived but he is getting worried that they are just a toy no stability, what top manager really needs the hassle?Was his worry come the summer, valid point.
Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Talking of Harry, I'm a bit surprised he didn't wait until a bigger club than QPR was available or came in for him. Wonder if he'll do the same as when he quickly revived Tottenham and proceeded to take them ever upwards, or if it will be a repeat of his inglorious time at Southampton when he took them down a division?

As for Hughes, his reputation is now badly damaged. Maybe that's about it from him as any kind of force in the PL?
I think he might get another shot but his record is more average than his agent talking him up might have you believe,as for Redknapp managing the Ukraine, that just smacked of "QPR come get me".
Decent win on Sunday eh Ross!
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