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Originally Posted by CrispyFritters View Post
Seeing very few bump ups or down in Norcal. Largely status quo, even for people with lopsided wins. It feels like the hurdle was higher this year to move a level in either direction.

*Edit* Just ran the numbers for Norcal 4.5M.
1918 total players in 2012. 30% bumped down to 4.0. 69% unchanged. 1% bumped up to 5.0
Originally Posted by Roforot View Post
Crispy, how the heck are you able to get that information? Are you a league coordinator? Is there a link on that wretched tennislink site?
Originally Posted by CrispyFritters View Post
No, not part of the USTA. I just nerded it up a little. The usta site has an advanced search feature, so you can search by rating and region instead of jut by name. I just pulled all the norcal 4.5s into an excel file and ran a pivot table.
I nerded up too. I'm a retired DA/DBA...but am just learning my way around Excel's pivot tables. Here are the results for the women in our metro area...and they mirror Crispy's. Lot of status quo...but more bump downs than what I seem to remember from the past.

Of the 535 2011-3.0s, 59 (11%) moved up, 16 (3%) moved down.
Of the 798 3.5s, 61 (~7%) moved up, 34 (4%) moved down.
Of the 467 4.0s, 26 (~5.5%) moved up, 32 (~8%) moved down.
Of the 142 4.5s, only 2 were moved up while 15 (10%+) were sent down.
Of the 23 5.0s, none were moved up and 2 (including one of our club teaching pros) were sent down.

Final breakdown looks like a darn near perfect bell curve and very little net change from (2011)

2.0 - 2 (2)
2.5 - 141 (154)
3.0 - 523 (535)
3.5 - 797 (798 )
4.0 - 486 (467)
4.5 - 153 (142)
5.0 - 23 (23)
5.5 - 3* (3)

*None of those three women played any USTA "womens" in 2012...mostly...cause, as you can see, there's no one to play with. One of these lovely ladies is old enough for the new Adult+ categories and is the wife of a head pro (an accomplished 5.0 himself who, despite going to and competing well at Nationals...didn't get bumped.). LOL. As a couple, they remind me of the Agassi/Graf household.
A 3.5 masquerading around with a 4.0 mask on.
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