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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
Of course Alonso won the 2 titles with Renault with Renault being the best car
Dont make me laugh. Overall for the year McLaren the year of Alonso's first title, and Ferrari the year of his second title were both much faster and everyone knows it. Everyone except you apparently. Look where Renault were immediately once Alonso left them, LOL!

at the end Michael Schumacher is still the best ever until somebody wins 8 titles and have all other records.
So if Vettel wins 8 F1 titles in a dominant Red Bull you are conceding him better than Schumacher with no excuses of the car. Good to know.

I already knew you were a bit delusional when you denied Rosburg has been better than Schumacher the last couple years in the same car, even though every single statistic between them indicates it (and yes I know that Schmacher isnt in his prime and I am not judging his overall abilities based on that, but that is aside the point). Sometimes love is blind (or fandom).

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