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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Well, well, well. Topaz and AQ are 4.0s, eh?

I'd say congratulations, but I can't spare the saliva. I am too busy licking my wounds. 4.0, she is a beach, I'm tellin' ya.

The computer did some funky things around here. KH and MR are still 3.5s. Go figure. And one of my 3.5 singles players, NMS, won all of her singles matches and eeked out a tie against someone who bumped up, and she stayed 3.5.

The good news is that my combo team lives! Only one lady bumped up from 3.5 to 4.0. Which means we are in the hunt to make 7.5 Combo Districts again!!
Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Cindy, I've played up the last two years with reasonable success. I'll be fine, thanks. I'm ok not being a big fish in a small pond. Nursing school has shown me how lucky we are to even be playing tennis and able to complain about the stuff we do. All about perspective.
It's fixed, I tell ya. The distribution here in our metro area is a damn-near perfect bell curve.

At our club, we had more than the usual bump downs from 4.0....and no wanky bump-ups. In fact, if I had to say so, they probably got it right this time. Lots of us are on the bubble and I wouldn't be surprised to see some more up-this-year-down-the-next...except that, with 40+ counting, that might make for some big reassessments next year as the younger 40s (in theory) beat up on the early 50s (who'd just aged into "Seniors"). I still think the whole age thing is a crock. So is some of the gender stuff.

/Rant over

I probably won't be playing much USTA next year anyway. Like Topaz, I was already on two 4.0 and a 7.5 Combo team. Spots are secure if I want 'em. Which...I don't think I do.
A 3.5 masquerading around with a 4.0 mask on.
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