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One tier below, yes. I've stated Nadal can't be in the same tier with Federer. Since Nadal is so even with Borg and should be in the same tier, they both are below Federer. If you guys include Borg in tier 1 with Laver, Sampras, or Pancho, etc., then you must include Nadal.
I actually agree with you for once:

Tier 1: Laver, Gonzales, Federer, Sampras, Rosewall
Tier 2: Nadal, Borg, Tilden, Vines, Budge

Also concur there is absolutely no way, even for those who want to argue Borg as being above Nadal which is not how most people feel at this point (I am talking the real World, not Planet TW), that there is no way he is in a higher tier. So if one wants to argue Borg as being tier 1, Nadal must be also.

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