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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
4 grams at the throat will mostly just make the racquet feel heavier, since it's so close to the balance point. If you want to feel more plow through, I would suggest adding weight in the head....either at 12, 3/9 or 10/2. When I had the PD12, I liked it with (2) 4" strips at 12'. You just have to experiment, like Tim says, but in general terms, you will gain plowthru more by adding weight in the hoop...not the handle.
Thanks Jack! - just played my 2nd day in row demo-ing the PDR and I absolutely prefer the std, and just now have to tweak it so I achieve a middle ground weight wise, and sw wise between the PDR and the std PD, that's my time for buying lots of lead to experiment.......something tells me this is goin be a nightmare! If I could only get the PD 2012 to play like my beloved PD team, that would be the ideal! But guess I can't change the RA!
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