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I played 4.0 for several years before I became 4.0. I will be interested to hear your experiences for next year.

I swear, it was a lot tougher being a 4.0 on a 4.0 team than being a 3.5. I'm not quite sure why. Some of it, I suppose, is self-imposed pressure to live up to a number. "I need to hit like a 4.0 now" type stuff.

There was more going on, though. I think I had easier 4.0 opponents when I was playing up. The captain perhaps knew it will look like a sacrifice to put a 3.5 on Court One or in the line-up against killer opponents, so she tended to give the 3.5 Cindy an easier draw?

The minute I had 4.0 by my name, captains weren't the least bit shy about tossing me to the wolves -- sometimes with a much weaker partner. Maybe all of this is less of an issue for singles players, though.

Anyway . . . why are you scaling back, AQ?
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