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Originally Posted by tennisjon View Post
A 90 sq. in racquet for anyone in the 3.5-4.0 range is just crazy. Even for the pros very few play with a racquet so small with a tiny sweet spot. Look for something in the 96-100 sq. in range. At the very least the Wilson Juice Pro is at least a bit more powerful and bigger. I would recommend looking at the Pro Kennex Ki5 or KiQ5. They are flexible with similar heft. The Head Radical or Prestige also fit in this similar range. In addition, I would suggest looking at the Yonex VCore 98 or EZone Xi 98 for flexible, control-oriented racquet.
Yes, although I didn't feel the Tour 90 detracted from my stroke/serve production, that may be simply because I got used to it...

I'll try those out...thanks!
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