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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I used to hang around on a travel web site. Every now and then, someone would post a question similar to OP: "What are the best toys to bring along when I bring my toddler on a hike through the Amazon jungle?" Folks would freak completely out and grab one another by the throat while the troll would sit back, laughing.

Ah, good times . . . .
Most of these tours have age and height restrictions, and make you sign a waiver. I have been on rain forest hikes in Hawaii and no one bought toddlers.

I think large fat people should be banned from tennis events. They obstruct my view. They should also be banned from all flights.

When watching a movie in a theater, I try to sit as far as possible from people who bring food and drinks. I can't stand the noise and smell.

We should also get rid of old farts in tennis clubs. They can't hear well and shout at each other, and crack dirty jokes. Very disturbing if you are on the next court.
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