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Reporting back with an update.

I restrung one of my Pro Tour 2012's with Donnay X-Hybrid (a really cheap hybrid that I have never played with before) putting the poly in mains(55lbs) and multi in crosses(60lbs).

I do briefly want to mention that the Donnay X-Hybrid seems to be a really nice string. It was very easy to string with and seemed to play very nicely, I wont go into this anymore since I am not here to post a string review.

The racquet performed much better than with the full bed of Wilson Sensation. I was able to control my groundstrokes and found it easier to alter my groundstrokes between power and spin.
I do still find that it takes more of a concerted effort for me to keep control and suffer from the occasional flier if I make small mistakes in my swing compared to my Dunlop.
Serves still had plenty of pop and also decent spin on them. Teammates again repeatedly told me how well I was serving with it.
Volleys did improve some with this string but I still stand by my first assessment that there is not enough mass in the head for stable volleys on groundstrokes hit hard at me.

Overall the spin is decent. I can generate enough spin just not as easily as my Dunlop or previous Prince racquets.

I have been tinkering in the TW University section trying to decide how I wanted to improve the lack of mass in the head without sacrificing too much on swingweight. I have decided to add .2 oz @3&9 oclock on the racquet to bring the overall weight up to 11.8oz and give a swingweight close to 315.

After I get the weight on there and have a chance to hit with it I will report back another update.
Racquet: Wilson PS97 String: Prince syn gut @55lbs in mains, ISOSPEED Baseline Control 16 @50lbs in crosses
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