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Originally Posted by finalfantasy7 View Post
Everyone been telling me about the 1 ball doesnt bounce, didnt happen to me, but ive only played 3 hrs with a can- need to play longer with them and only played indoors with them. Also see how all 3 tubes see out to discuss quality control.

Anyone played with Head atp? brief summary
Perhaps you got a can of balls that had a cosmetic flaw on one of the balls (instead of a substandard bounce). I see that happen every once in a while -- perhaps 5-10% of the time.

Usually, with the substandard ball, the bounce height is about 80-90% or so of the other two balls. Perhaps you got one where the lower bouncing ball was 90+% of the other 2 balls so you may not have noticed it. I have seen hundreds of cans of Penn Champs where one of the balls had a substandard bounce.

One night while playing doubles, we lost one of the new USO xd balls after 40 minutes of play. One of the guys decided to open a new can of Penn Champ balls. At that point, the 2 older Wilson balls had the same bounce height as 2 of the newer Penn balls. So we decided to continue play with the 2 USO balls and the 2 Penn balls (that had the same bounce height). After a couple more hours of play, it was apparent that the bounce height of the 2 Penn balls was noticeably lower than the 2 older Wilson USO balls.

The Head ATP ball should be identical to the Penn ATP ball -- they re the same ball with a different label. The Penn name is used for balls used in the US. The Head name is used for most other countries.
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