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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I played 4.0 for several years before I became 4.0. I will be interested to hear your experiences for next year.
Good enough...but I got put in the forefront sooner than I would've liked. My long-time dub partner (also a 3.5) and I were supposed to play together. Both springs ('11 and '12) she had some emergency surgery that kept her out of play...and I had to play singles or with an uncommon partner. Both of those teams are still intact, so if I want to play, I've still got a slot. Although I'm hoping my partner can keep herself out of the OR this year, I still think I'd have to play a less-than-consistent slate. But none of that really bothers me.

Anyway . . . why are you scaling back, AQ?
What does bother me are the logistics and finances. Some of the leagues (including a non-USTA one that I really enjoy playing in) overlap and the schedules can be brutal. Two and three matches a week just ain't gonna cut it around here. Stupid start times, hellacious reschedules. And the money is crazy. ~$40/league. Nah. I'll keep my time and money...and play some more for fun.
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