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I was reading that someone had destroyed a racquet installing silicone, this has happened to me in the past as well, luckily it was a cheapo wal-mart special. So if anybody is interested in a quick and easy silicone installation. Here's what I do.

I make little silicone molds. I used this fly fishing tackle box but you can use whatever you find around the house. If you don't have anything, lay down some saran wrap and try to get some uniform shapes and sizes.

These ones are about an inch long and a 1/4 inch deep. They weigh about ~3grams. I usually cut them in half and double them up, like a sandwhich.

Once they dry, I measure how far up the handle I want to go with the silicone, usually around 7-8inches for me. Then I stuff the top with some cotton balls.

Then, I apply a very little amount of silicone to the home made molds, much like a glue, so that they fill the chamber(s) nicely and I start inserting.

I use this method for 3 reasons. 1.) Easier to approximate how much weight in silicone I want to use. 2.) It's not as messy and cuts down on user-errors and 3.) Because the drying time is cut by 90%, it's easier to remove. The center is already dry, the only silicone that dries inside the handle is the little dab I use to apply each mold.

Hope this helps/helped someone.
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