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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
NadalAgassi, If you believe that Rosewall belongs to tier 1 then you should rank him there unaffected by the opinions of other posters.
And yes Rosewall should be in tier one also. I didn't see Muscles in the second tier when I glanced at it.

NadalAgassi, as BobbyOne wrote if you believe it just write that Rosewall's tier one. His record certainly puts him there.

As far as Borg is concerned. Borg won 106 tournaments in his career by age 25. He has perhaps the highest lifetime winning percentage in tennis history. Some may argue that was because he retired early but no one at 25 had some a high lifetime winning percentage I believe. He won 11 of 27 majors entered and was in the finals of a number of others. That's a majors winning percents of around 41.7%. No one in the Open Era is close. And he was superb on all surfaces. At his peak he was almost unbeatable and it is arguably that his peak was higher than anyone in tennis history. We're talking about a period of years here during his peak. Yes I believe he is easily a GOAT candidate.

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