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Default Re: I'm confused

Originally Posted by Ace
If LTA 1.0 = USTA 7.0, and you are a LTA 5.2....

That means you are a USTA 36.4? I think I'm missing something here.
yup, I am the supreme being in the tennis universe.

Ace, The scale is numbered the other way. Basically Tim Henman is LTA 1.0, i.e. an ATP top 100 player(USTA 7.0 = top 100 pro?). In England we only have one LTA 1.0 player

On the new LTA scale a 10.0 is a complete novice. The same as USTA 1.0?
On the new scale My 5.2 translates to lower-medium club player. Probably 3.0-3.5 USTA.
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