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Question Is Nadal-Djokovic the greatest rivalry in world history?

At the Australian Open this year, we witnessed one of the greatest grand slam finals in world history (with Nadal losing a CLOSE 7-5 fifth set after being up 4-2 30-15), producing 6 hours of exhilarating tennis. It also indicated a turning point in the Nadal-Djokovic rivalry; Nadal had regained the mental edge. At this point, the H2H was a close 16-14 (in favour of Nadal).

Nadal then went on to beat Djokovic THREE consecutive times, all in finals, including the most historic grand slam final of all time, the Roland Garros 2012 final. If Nadal won (and he did), he'd become the official greatest clay-court player ever with a record SEVEN Roland Garros titles, including an incredible 52 of 53 matches won at Roland Garros in just 8 years of playing there. If Djokovic won, he'd win four majors in a row, matching Laver (almost, since it's not in a calendar year). But it wasn't to be; Nadal ripped his heart out and was the record-breaker that night. They were also the only two players in world history to play in four consecutive grand slam finals against each other.

By doing this, Nadal extended the H2H to 19-14, just one match away from matching the Sampras-Agassi H2H. When Nadal wins their next encounter, the rivalry will surely be better than Sampras-Agassi.

Does anyone else see this rivalry as being the most riveting in world history?

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