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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
Yes, so that automatcially qualifies every official (present company of 2 officials in this thread excluded, I am assuming ) as having a screw loose.
There are some amazing refs and some really terrible ones.

I was at a tournament where the two refs were the complete opposite of each other.

One was writing up the kids for throwing their racquets, cursing and cheating.
I actually watched him write up 3 kids in 2 hours.
I was wowed by him as one parent argued with him after the match and he held firm.

The other one couldn't even keep score.
Now, I know he must know how to do it.
But, he stood on the court and just couldn't keep the score, probably bc he kept looking at his phone.

For me, bottom line, sadly there are more refs
1) taking lunch breaks together
2) chatting with other refs or texting ( my personal peeve) while standing on court
3) Not overuling bad calls
4) Not writing up kids for throwing their racquets, or for swearing.
( I can't tell you how many times I hear the F word and the kid just gets a warning).

Sadly, they outweigh the good refs (who take pride in doing a good job).
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