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Originally Posted by axel89 View Post
tony how is it going any updates always great to hear some updates also how much money did you make from open tournaments and did you break even ?
Hello! Still on a bad ankle, its like 70% and hurts, but im able to move pretty well on it at least now and play sets. This summer wasnt as good as last, but I always come out ahead. The tournaments pay between $1000-$2500 or more for first and I usually get to the semis or better. I play a tournament weekly in the summer as well as some here and there in the fall/spring. Fortunately also, sometimes the events will cover your hotel or more, or if my dad comes along to watch which helps alot. I would still do it all even if they didnt pay a dime however. Hoping to play a tournament or two this winter once Im fully healed. Ive been playing well lately.
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