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Complaining about drugs testing is about as meaningful as complaining about airport security. It is annoying, especially as some security staff make a right meal out of it, or are rude, or they take away your tweezers, then make you pay through the nose for a bottle of water, and then you hear stories of journalists smuggling machetes and blocks of marzipan onto planes. etc. etc. The thing is, most of us realise there is a need for airport security, and take a certain comfort from it, but would like it to be better, and it will always be a bit annoying, and we'll probably always have a bit of a whinge about it. It doesn't mean we are terrorists hoping to sneak a bomb on board.

Drugs testing is always going to be a pain in the arse (or arm) for players, and they will complain if they don't see the point, or think their time is being wasted on silly tests that aren't effective anyway. What needs to happen is for their benefits to be explained, and to be sure that the clean players realise what can get through the existing system, and that it will benefit them to have a more effective system.

Onto the reason I dug up this thread - there was a feature on the BBC 6 O'clock news where they were interviewing someone at WADA about the need for more blood testing, and that certain sports (they named football, boxing and tennis) do a low proportion of blood tests compared with what cycling are doing now. He was saying (with prompting from the journalist and I paraphrase somewhat) that it's a joke that rich sports like football and tennis claim it's too expensive to do more blood tests. The journalist raised the point that Murray and Federer had both called for an increase in tennis, and then they interviewed someone from the ITF who was all ineffectual and said some bland stuff about how they might do more in the future. I don't expect any sporting body to admit that they might have a problem, but I don't see why they can't say they want to make sure it stays that way by using the best technology available to them.

Nothing ground-breaking was actually said, but I thought it interesting that they had a feature on it during the main evening news, and this was part of the main news, not the sports news.
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